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Parallel Universes


Parallel Universes

catagory: short film I Director: Liran Nathan I Runtime: 8 minutes I Status: Festivals 



As Aden lies alone in his dark bedroom, he begins to imagine all the possible routes his life might have taken: an infinite number of parallel universes with all of their endless possibilities. We follow his train of thought and journey with him through various realities until he finally settles on one in which he is happy, with the love of his life lying by his side. 









Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Liran Nathan - 'Aden'

Liran Nathan - 'Aden'

Gem Refoufi - 'The Girl'

Gem Refoufi - 'The Girl'


Written and Directed by Liran Nathan


Based on the short story by  Etgar Keret    



Aden Liran Nathan

The Girl Gem Refoufi


Also Featuring


Andrew Moore

Anna Romanenkova

Cassie Nwaike

Margaret Ashley

Keaton Makki

Alex Dowding

Luke Dempsey

Simon Hall

Adam W Brown

Rachel Worth

Aurelie Freoua

Mercedes von Thun-Hohenstein

David Lavi

Vincent Gacquiere

Storm Mollison

Ava Knott



Liran Nathan

Reine Issa


Executive Producers

Liran Nathan

Reine Issa


Associate Producer Harri Kamalanathan 


Director of Photography Ruaraid Achilleos-Sarll    

Production Designer Jess Elcock        

Key Makeup Tamara Kormornick    


Original Music Omer Nakar

Editor Samantha Neal


First Assistant Director Diego Sanchez   

First Assistant Camera (Days 1, 2 & 3) Bradley Stearn

First Assistant Camera (Days 4 & 5) Marcus Albertsen  

Second Assistant Camera Melanie Jansen        

Gaffer Peter Banks

Lighting Technicians

Ray Miller-Davis

Ersan Beskardes    

Jake Buckley

Key Grip Renny Borthwick

Production Assistant Christopher Ver-Haest


Joshua Danzig

Jessica Knight

Emily Wylie


Post Production Services The Farm Group

Post Production Co-ordinator Jonny Garbutt

Colourist Nuala Sheridan

VO recordist Tom Povey

Online Editor Ben Salkeld

Re-recording Mixer  Jules Woods


Special Thanks

Ezra & Annette Nathan, Jane Pusser & family, Mario Black & family, Makda Iyassu, Ilan Kon-Wiener, Matthew Evans, Jumaan Short,

Sara Dunlop, Ian Loughran, The Passage, Riverside Cafe, College of NEL, Hackney Film Office, Kneller Artists Agency, Undercranked,

The Farm Group


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